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Published: 01st August 2012
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A jQuery version of t-shirt design online software is a far better option when compared to Flex/ Flash based t-shirt designer application. Read this article, if you are interested to know some major advantages of using an updated jQuery compatible version of T-shirt designer over Flex driven tools.

These days, the jQuery compatible version of custom online t-shirt designer tool is emerging as a great alternate to design your own tee shirt online. A jQuery version of t-shirt design online software is a far better option when compared to Flex/ Flash based t-shirt designer application. The reason is simple – these rich internet applications are developed by using JQuery - a fast, cross-browser and concise JavaScript library, which is usually applied to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, PHP or any other technology. Truly speaking, jQuery powered t-shirt designer is a modular approach to create design t-shirt online, of course custom t-shirts designs effortlessly.

From an administrator point of view, jQuery t-shirt design tool acts as a great solution when it comes to solve all rapid web application development related issues. In a nutshell, the latest jQuery version can make administrator’s life much easier and more enjoyable. It contains many noteworthy improvements such as enhanced security and maintainability, great usability, better user experience and lots more. Discussed below are some major advantages of using an updated jQuery compatible version of T-shirt designer over Flex driven tools:

1. Improved multi-database support : The enhanced database of new jQuery version of online tshirt design software acts like a Three-Tier system which allows you to access business logic related database on a PHP server. And, end user related database, which mainly include fonts, cliparts, pre-developed themes or templates, colors, text styles on the MySQL based server. Moreover, a new and improved database provides out-of-the-box support to the administrator which can be easily accessed with a centralized control and maintain functionality of the tool as per the custom requirements.

2. CRUD operations : The tool comes with a user-friendly front-end dashboard which allows end users to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) and Browse, Read, Edit, Add, Delete (BREAD) effortlessly with an ease of online. This tshirt design software enables end-users to design your own tee shirt, add text, customize the artwork, special effects (scaling, flip, rotate, move and Zoom), see big preview option before final purchase, do multi color artwork editing, edit or delete artwork, easy photo uploading facility and lots more.
On the other hand, the all new and improved tshirt designer application bring a lot to the administrator. By leveraging its admin-panel features, an administrator can add/edit/delete any existing product or new product; assign product category, size, view; add/edit/delete existing or new special discount coupon; modify font text and color; add/edit/delete Font categories; manage User's account and images; check product-wise purchase register; view customer wise orders list and lots more.

3. Large user accessible data : The latest version of jQuery powered online t-shirt designer comes with a large library of colors, attractive fonts, pre-loaded cliparts, ready-to-use design templates and lots more with an instant access to the end users. Anyone can create custom product designs by leveraging the tool’s large library or uploading artwork from their own desktop, customize it and order it.

4. Secured, fast and powerful tool : The upgraded version of jQuery powered t-shirt designer application extends its security support to make the tool more secured, fast and user-friendly for an administrator as well as end users.

5. Better browser support : It is highly supported in Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

6. Highly responsive tool : Flex based web applications require a Flash runtime, which is not supported by many mobile platforms. No worries. The brand new jQuery version of t-shirt design application is highly responsive and compatible with iPads, iPhones, Windows, Mac and Android devices are supported as well.

7. Better performance : The tool contains less code, which optimize performance of this tshirt designer and make sure it performs properly on all platforms. jQuery has been used intelligently to make it much more efficient and powerful. The tool is protected by SSL encryption to protect sensitive data.

The powerful jQuery version of fully customizable t-shirt design tool is highly compatible with nearly any kind of e-commerce website powered by Magento, Prestashop, X-Cart, Zen Cart, osCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, BigCommerce etc.

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